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New SIRIUS UNI Universal Strain Gauge, IEPE, Voltage, RTD, Resistance, and Current Amplifier


Can SIRIUS STG amplifier become even more universal? Yes, it can!

The newly released SIRIUS UNI amplifier adds IEPE signal input to the already known STG amplifier. The module is based on the SIRIUS DualCoreADC® technology enabling a high dynamic range (> 160 dB). The amplifier also offers a high voltage range. Improved excitation current accuracy enables constant current supply for quarter bridge applications (2- or 4-wire).

SIRIUSi-8xUNI data acquisition system with universal signal inputs
SIRIUSi-8xUNI data acquisition system with universal signal inputs

With the introduction of native IEPE mode, the DC or AC mode input coupling with 0.16 Hz high-pass filter for low ranges (0.3 Hz for 100 V range).

SIRIUS UNI supports both Class 1 and Class 2 TEDS.

The input connector is D-SUB9, the optional connector is a female 10-pin LEMO 2B series (on request 8-pin LEMO-2B, 16-pin LEMO-2B).

Main features

  • Universal input: Voltage, Full/Half/Quarter bridge strain (120 Ω and 350 Ω), constant voltage/current supply, IEPE, Potentiometer, RTD, Resistance, Current (ext. Shunt).
  • High voltage range (up to ±100 V).
  • Better excitation current accuracy.
  • Quarter bridge constant voltage/current supply.
  • High dynamic range.
  • Dual TEDS support (Class 1 & Class 2).

SIRIUS UNI is available in an isolated and differential version. It comes as a single or a rack slice and with UNI+, counter option. For details check the order codes below.

SIRIUS UNI Amplifier Connector Pinouts

DSUB9 Connector

SIRIUS UNI amplifier DB9 connector pinout
Left: SIRIUS UNI amplifier DB9 connector pinout

1Exc+Excitation +
2In+Input +
3Sns-Sense -
5R+¼ Bridge/Shunt
6SNS+Sense +
7In-Input -
8Exc-Excitation -

SIRIUSi-8xUNI front panel

SIRIUSi-8xUNI back panel

LEMO 10-pin Connector

SIRIUS UNI amplifier 10-pin LEMO connector pinout
SIRIUS UNI amplifier 10-pin LEMO connector pinout

1Exc+Excitation +
2Exc-Excitation -
3In+Input +
4In-Input -
5Sns+Sense +
6Sns-Sense -
7DI-CNTDigital I/O, Counter
9R+/SHUNTResistance / SHUNT

SIRIUS UNI Technical Specifications

For full specification about SIRIUS UNI amplifier, please check the SIRIUS technical specifications page.

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