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James Heal's Air Permeability Tester: AirPro



AirPro is a consistent and accurate Air Permeability tester, used to test the resistance of the flow of air through woven, knitted and non-woven textile materials. It is supplied with TestWise software, making it intuitive and easy to use.

AirPro can be used on a variety of applications,  including performance apparel, medical textiles, PPE, infant products such as bedding, non wovens, geotextiles and more.

James Heal - AirPro air permeability tester - close up of uplit testing head and touchscreen


James Heal - AirPro air permeability tester

Quick change test heads

A quick release mechanism means changing between test heads is quick and easy, speeding up laboratory testing with less down time between tests.

Changing the test head can be done without disconnecting the air supply or changing air pressure.

TestWise software

Our intuitive 7" touchscreen and TestWise allows the user to choose a pre-loaded standard or create their own. TestWise detects the test area in use and warns the user if the wrong head is inserted.

Test reports are easy to view and analyse on screen and can be customised for export to Excel or PDF.

Large illuminated test bed

AirPro’s illuminated test bed can accommodate large samples.

Suitable for testing a variety of different materials and finished garments.

Quality and availability of parts

Focussing on the quality of the parts used to make AirPro, we've used medical grade valves (like those used in ventilators) to keep the airflow consistent, prolong its lifespan and maintain instrument performance.

When replacements are needed, the process is easy and reasonably priced.

About the test method

Air permeability is defined as ‘the velocity of air flow passing horizontally through a test specimen, under specified conditions of test area, pressure drop and time’.

The instrument forces air through a specimen and adjust the flow of air gradually until a pressure drop is achieved.

The measurements will be taken multiple times dependent on the standard, and a mean air permeability would be expressed in millimetres per second or metres per second.

Material / End use

Woman hiker with backpack stand on top of a hill overlooking mountains

Outdoor Wear

Outdoor wear applications a broad and varied, with a primarily technical / functional benefit such as ‘comfort’ and/or ‘safety’. Outdoor wear includes garments such as snowsuits, ski clothing, and hiking/trekking clothing.

Man in sportswear running on a road with mountains in the background


Sportswear and activewear is clothing and footwear worn for sport or exercise, such as tracksuits, shorts, t-shirts and polo shirts.

Surgeons wearing PPE conducting an operation

Medical Textiles

Medical textiles encompasses medical and hygiene applications, including those for surgical, orthopaedic, and dental uses; from personal protective equipment (PPE), bandage and dressing materials through to implantable prosthetics.

oil rig worker in orange PPE looking into the sea

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes garments and face/body coverings used in a range of sectors; from medical, to construction, military to workwear.

soldier in desert wearing military uniform

Military Apparel

Military personnel are exposed to extreme environmental and physical threats, so textiles for military uniforms face a complex set of challenges when it comes to performance: they must offer maximum endurance, comfort, and protection.

Technical Specification

Specifications are provided as a guideline only and are subject to change.

Conditioned atmosphere recommendedYes
PositioningFloor standing
Space requirements

Height 1057mm

Width 483mm

Depth 980.7mm

Approximate net weight100kg
Test areas5cm2, 6.45cm2, 10cm2, 20cm2, 25cm2, 38.3cm2, 50cm2, 100cm2
Compressed AirNot required

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