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Dewesoft Sound Power Measurement Solution


The DEWESoft Sound Power plugin enables you to do measurements according to ISO3744 and ISO3745, along with meteorological, background noise and room corrections. From microphone calibration, over guided step-by-step sequence, to the finished report everything is done in a very effective way.

Step-by-step Measurement Procedure

The sound power measurement procedure is guided by the simple user interface of our Dewesoft X data acquisition software.

First, you record the background noise while the sound source is off. After that, you turn on the sound source and measure the sound power level of the source. If you use the grouping of the sensor or multiple runs, repeat the procedure for each group.

Remote Control Operation

Trigger the start and stop of the measurement automatically with assigning remote control channels.

An example of trigger channels would be using the light barriers that are triggered when the machine enters the area. You can use one trigger channel or different trigger channels.

Correction Factors

Correction factors are used to take into account the background noise, the influence of the room and meteorological corrections.

  • K1 defines the background noise correction. This is applied in different situations. K1 can be measured before switching on the sound source.
  • K2 corrects the influence of the room noise. K2 correction is applied to the mean (energy average) of the time-averaged sound pressure levels over all the microphone positions on the measurement surface, to account for the influence of reflected or absorbed sound.
  • C1 and C2 meteorological corrections are used in the case that the air temperature at the test site is below 23°C or the altitude is higher than 500 meters above sea level.

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