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Horizon's New Torrent Washer


           Old washer                                               New Washer                                          New Washer

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Excited to show off this NEW Torrent Washer™ used at a furniture fabrication shop to pretreat all metal components used to make Educational Furniture for our schools.


Compared to the old washer or compared to what the customer could have purchased this Three Stage Washer will save the customer 50% of electricity and 70% natural gas. The Old washer had a 3.5 million Btu/hr. Burner; the new washer does the same process with only 1.0 million Btu/hr. Burner.


The power of the Torrent Washer™ is apparent in the video. Please watch:


Attached is a short power point with an embedded video. Budget Price and specifications for this model is also included.


Who needs this equipment?


Every metal fabricator doing pretreatment work prior to coating.


  • Opportunities to replace existing equipment (as was the case for this customer) due to wear, or


  • Fabricators looking to expand their services.



               Customize the equipment for five stages or bigger parts; OR batch or indexing process … just depends on what the customer needs.

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