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Accurate and robust sensors for rail vehicles Measuring technology for 54K2 and 64K applications


Sensor systems for rail vehicles must be able to handle extreme circumstances and special requirements: Large temperature fluctuations and climate conditions, strongly differing measuring ranges, constricted space. To that end we have developed accelerometers that can, for example, be mounted on the outside of the bogie, at the bearings, and near the brakes. For comfort measurement inside the vehicles we offer sensors with small measuring ranges for clear values. Benefit from a measuring range starting at +/- 2 g and ranging up to +/- 200 g. Further advantages:

  • Protection against splash water (IP67)
  • Protection from flying stones
  • Low signal noise
  • Temperature compensation (e.g. near brakes)

Our capacitive sensors feature a strong output signal. That facilitates data registration far away from the sensor. Adapt your sensors to crash tests, impact of rockfall and birdstrike or hail. Get in touch with us for sensors, calibration, and repair.

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