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Automated Package Drop Testers

Automated Package Drop Testers
Automated Package Drop Testers
Automated Package Drop Testers
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The SafeLoad TT innDrop family includes (5) different models depending on the package size and weight, and they are designed to simulate flat, edge or corner drops using last testing technology combined with a modern design. Optional innVisionigh-speed camera and software that measures the unit load deformation, for fast-easy report generation

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Product Details

Drop testers are used to verify the effectiveness of product packaging throughout the supply chain journey.  Vertical and rotational impacts affect the integrity of the packaging and your products inside. The test data obtained by the innDrop family will help to design a suitable packing to protect the goods during the distribution cycle.

Our drop simulator was specifically designed to accomplish the standards ISTA, ASTM and ISO for packaging palletized goods testing. 

Package drop test models:

Safeload TT’s Drop Test family offers five different designs depending on the package size and weight, simulating drops up to 2 meters in height.

Guided by a manage intuitive touch screen controller, users can easily accomplish the tests.The innDrop’s rigid platform guarantees planarity during test, and the mobile platform, ensures meeting the standards regarding flatness (within 2 degrees upon impact) guaranteeing the reliability and repeatability of the results.

  • The SF-DP1200 and SF-DP600 can drop test large products and packages weighing up to 1.200 kg and 600 kg, respectively . Them utilize a steel drop carriage that is raised and lowered on a structural steel guide beam by an electrical hoist. During the drop test, the load is situated on the carriage, that is accelerate downward, allowing the load to free fall. At the end of the stroke the drop carriage is cushioned by hydraulic dumpers. 

  • Models SF-DP200, SF-DP100 and SF-DP100 can handle test items weighing up to 200 kg, 100 kg and 50 kg, respectively.  These are designed for small packages and can be used for simulating different drops like flat drops, edge and corner drop, and drop on hazards. The drop tester includes a release mechanism so that the leaves do not interfere with a free, unobstructed fall and does not impact vertical, rotational or sideways forces to the test, according with ISO and ASTM standards.



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