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Data Physics QUATTRO Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Data Physics QUATTRO Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Data Physics QUATTRO Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Data Physics QUATTRO FFT
Ultra-portable and rugged, USB 2.0 powered Quattro offers real-time FFT analysis capability from DC to 93 kHz (204.8 KSamples/second). At just over a pound, it tackles data acquisition in aircraft, in-vehicle, and Lab Test environments with ease. If you have not demo'd a Quattro yet, you have yet to experience the ultimate in high performance and low cost!
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Product Details
QUATTRO’s Powerful DSP architecture provides a powerful, portable, test platform for all types of dynamic signal analysis:

-Upto 4 Inputs and 2 Optional outputs.
-24 bit Sigma-Delta A/D converter for each channel
-40kHz standard and 94kHz (optional) real time rate.
-Tachometer Channel/Trigger Channel
-Able to record data on all channels at a rate of 100 KSamples / second or optionally 204.8 KSamples / second.
-Greater than 120 dB dynamic range with precise channel to channel phase match.

Great for field and lab use. Also works with ME'Scope software that has been specifically designed to make it easy for you to observe and analyze a variety of vibration, acoustic, and strength of materials problems in machines and structures.

Advanced, easy to use Windows software applications include: ?
  • Acoustics Real-time & fractional octave
    Sound power
    Sound quality (loudness)
    Sound intensity 
  • Data recording (no gap) 
  • Environmental
    Alarm & abort channels
    Drop shock test
    Notch prediction
    Sine data reduction
    SRS analysis 
  • General FFT Analysis
    Auto Power Spectrum (APS)
    Correlation Histogram
    Real-time zoom / high resolution
    Synchronous average
    Transfer function (FRF)
    Linear spectra
    Magnitude spectra
    Probability density
    Probability distribution
    Power spectral density
    RPM spectra Time domain acquisition
    Transducer calibration
    Transient capture
    Waterfall & spectrogram
  • Machinery diagnostics
    RPM based measurements
    Waterfall / spectrogram analysis
    Order tracking
    Synchronous average
    Demodulation Balancing
  • Production testing
    QC / event capture
    Pass / fail testing
  • Rotor dynamics analysis
    Order tracking
    RPM based measurements
    Orbit + filtered orbit Average shaft center line
    Rotor spectrum w/ tracking filters
    Full spectrum measurements
    Raw time histories
    Linear & auto power spectrum
    Waterfall spectrum & time signals
  • Structural analysis
    Impact test Modal analysis
    Multiple-input / multiple-output
    Stepped sine.
  • New Turbo Machinery Package!
    Vibration measurement
    Easy Diagnostics of Misalignment & Machinery Malfunctions.
    Rotational phase detection
    Multiple tachometer inputs
    Tracking filters
    Shaft orbital motion & position measurement, 
    Time & frequency domain display features
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