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Qualmark 30" x 30" LN2-Free HALT Chamber

Qualmark 30" x 30" LN2-Free HALT Chamber
Qualmark 30" x 30" LN2-Free HALT Chamber
SKU: Qualmark LN2-Free Typhoon 3.0
Qualmark’s new LN2-Free mechanical chambers bring HALT/HASS to customers and their facilities where liquid nitrogen has been too expensive or difficult to attain. Make Accelerated Life Testing possible with our new mechanical compressor based HALT/HASS chambers.
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Product Details

Our NEW Qualmark Mechanical Typhoon 2.5 opens new doors for reliability test.

Don't let the cost or access to LN2 keep this accelerated test tool from being a key part of your Quality & Reliability program!

Combining Qualmark’s industry leading xlF2 random shock vibration table systems and controls with Espec North America’s 30+ years of proven, mechanical refrigeration, customer’s can now achieve fast ramp testing and production stress screens without the need for any LN2 tank, pipe or costly deliveries.

With our new compressor based 30" x 30" HALT, your company will is the most dependable, cost-effective, HALT/HASS chamber on the market. Featuring a 30" x 30" six degree of freedom vibration table and 5-20 ºC/minute ramp rates, our easy-to-use controller, the mechanical compressor based - Qualmark mechanical Typhoon 2.5 is the best value in the industry. Ask us about our complete turnkey solution including chamber, fixturing, expert HALT/HASS training with our Professional Services division. 

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