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ADI40 – Power Analysis + Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition System

ADI40 – Power Analysis + Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition System
ADI40 – Power Analysis + Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition System
SKU: ADI40 – Analog to Digital Interface Expansion
ADI40 - Power Analyzer Analogue I/O Interface, Analogue Inputs, Outputs, and Thermocouple inputs
Product Details

Multi-Channel Analog Sensor Expansion System with multiple Analog Outputs enables precision power measurements with the external, time-correlated analog sensor measurements

analog sensor measurements.

The ADI40 extends the versatility of the Precision Power Analyzers (PPA3500PPA4500and PPA5500), collecting a multitude of DC measurements and streaming the data digitally to the Power Analyzer. Featuring 4x, 8x, 12x or 16x direct thermocouple inputs (type J or type k), 4x, 8x, 12x or 16x analog DC inputs and 20x analog DC outputs. Analog outputs can be mapped to any PPA measured parameter, as well as the analog/thermocouple inputs.

Typical applications include system integration where multiple power/sensor parameters must be analyzed within one central measurement system, bringing together external sensors and primary power measurements from the PPA3500PPA4500/PPA5500. This data is available via the command line (through the intuitive "MUTILOG” command, see PPA comms manual for more details)  or sent out as a DC voltage level to one of the 20x outputs on the ADI40 to chart recorders or similar devices.

Features & Benefits

ADI40 Analogue<>Digital Interface Product Overview
0.1% FS Basic accuracy 4~16 Analogue DC Inputs +/-10V
20 Analogue Outputs +/-10V 4~16 Thermocouple Inputs (Type J or Type K)
Up to 10ms update rate Measured Parameters within PPA are able to be mapped to the Analogue Outputs
High-speed sampling on all channels Connects to Power Analyzer via Extension Port
Compatible with many Pressure, Torque, Flow Rate Sensors Ideal for Systems Integrators
Temperature Range Type J: +200 to -180, Type k: +200 to -200


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