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DEWESoft DAQ Solution

DEWESoft DAQ Solution
DEWESoft DAQ Solution

DeweSoft DAQ Solution
Dewesoft develops and manufactures versatile, robust, and easy-to-use data acquisition systems (DAQ Systems), the ultimate test and measurement engineers' tools.

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Product Details

Dewesoft – Data Acquisition Systems


Dewesoft instruments are designed to be easy and fun to use, modular and extendable, and work with any signal and sensor. Rugged DAQ systems are built to be robust and used in every environment: Control Systems Vehicle Testing, Power Quality Analyze, Vibration Analysis, Structural Dynamics, Acoustics Testing, ADAS,  Brake Testing, and Brake Noise Testing. Dewesoft data acquisition hardware and software make test and measurement easy. 


Featured Products

World's most versatile data acquisition system | SIRIUS | Dewesoft

The world’s most versatile USB and EtherCAT data acquisition system. Any signal, any sensor, packed with cutting-edge technology.

SBOX data logger | Dewesoft


Highly reliable SSD data logger with powerful data processing computer. The perfect companion to the SIRIUS data acquisition system.


Compact, mobile data acquisition system with a built-in data logger, powerful data processing computer, multi-touch display, and internal batteries for maximum portability. 


Compact data acquisition system with up to 64 analog inputs, 32 counter inputs, and 32 analog outputs with built-in high-performance, highly reliable data processing computer and SSD data logger.

Rugged and distributed data acquisition modules with EtherCAT interface for analog and digital I/O and IP67 degree of protection.


Small, highly portable, and extremely rugged IP67 data logger for data recording in harsh environments.


High-channel count data acquisition system with built-in data logger and powerful data processing computer, touch screen display (R8D), and internal batteries (R8B, R8DB) for maximum portability.


Award-winning versatile USB data acquisition system with unmatched price/performance ratio and a small footprint.


Application Highlights

Dewesoft has designed the products to be universal and versatile. The same instrumentation can be used for many test and measurement applications. This brings many benefits to your testing process. Less time needed for learning, less cost, and finally, all your data will be synchronized and compatible. And one easy-to-use software for all applications? Dewesoft offers the total solution with single software for the following applications:


Dewesoft Software


Dewesoft has been developing leading data acquisition software for more than 20 years. Dewesoft X is the world’s best data acquisition, recording, and data analysis software. The software received multiple international awards, is innovative, very easy to use, and requires no programming to acquire, store and analyze data from analog, digital, CAN, GPS, video, serial, and many other data sources.

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Company Overview


Dewesoft proudly develops and produces data acquisition, test, and measurement instruments used in the most advanced labs worldwide for developing rockets and satellites, ensuring fast worldwide communication, new, safer-vehicles, and products that are improving our everyday lives.

The Dewesoft vision is to be the customer’s first choice in mission-critical test and measurement equipment created for maximum effectiveness and stunning design. Thanks to their reputation and a strong sales network, the company can offer employees many opportunities to work on the most eminent projects.

Dewesoft is a best-in-class provider of data acquisition devices. What distinguishes their approach is the human element. While most companies design tools starting with the device and ending with the user experience, Dewesoft takes the opposite approach: reverse engineer products, starting with the experience that users require. Then construct the hardware and software around the outcome of delivering the fastest, most efficient, most intuitive user experience possible. Dewesoft doesn’t just manufacture machines; they engineer moments that elevate your businesses’ understanding of a particular learning outcome.

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