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Due to upgrades of various sensors, in different locations of the helicopter, there was a need to relay fast communication between the pilot and the co-pilot/gunner.
The customer was looking for a very small 1G LAN rugged switch with management capabilities.
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Military solutions for signal analysis must address all of these factors within the context of given applications. Taking GPGPUs as the most efficient solution available today for signal analysis, both in terms of raw performance and power dynamics, we will now examine several promising areas for military GPGPU adoption including: Radar and Sonar Processing.
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Learn how Sealevel Systems COM solutions enables the use of an off-the-shelf computer module with a custom, application-specific carrier board, or boards, to fulfill the I/O requirements to allows for a faster time to market, is cost-effective and offers scalability for future upgrades.
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Elma has served the defense industry needs for years and is a key participant in open standards organizations such as VITA and SOSA™. Learn more about Signal Integrity in High-density Backplanes through this article. 
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AI processing capability remote from the data center is required for smarter and more autonomous aerospace and defense missions. See how Mercury Systems and Intel are working together to make edge processing resilient enabling AI everywhere.
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MILPDU™ intelligent military power management solutions feature the latest technology, offering extensive user configuration capabilities to achieve a custom power management solution for specific application needs. 
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ADLINK COM Express modules have quickly become mainstays of the computing technology world. The ADLINK COM Express Type 6 Module and Starter Kit Plus is the perfect choice for an easy, upgrade-ready addition.
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Advances in battery test technology are coming rapidly, and engineers need to be aware of the latest best practices and emerging test methodologies.
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